Pod Rusty

hn0034 artworkHyper Nonsense is back with an all new edition! It seems like it’s been awhile since our last episode but it hasn’t really been that long, right? During this show, we discussed how pollen is trying to kill Jen and what she’s done to protect herself. I tell the story of how an impatient driver yelled an odd “insult” at me. Also, more home improvement news in the form of a dead bolt replacement. We got new iPhones which somehow led Jen to go on a┬árant about picketers outside the local Planned Parenthood. We went over some listener feedback and finished the show with a news article about a different kind of music lawsuit.

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Loomis and The Lawsuit

hn0033 artworkWe’re continuing our promise to bring a monthly interview guest to the podcast. Yeah, we’re a little late with February’s interview but we think you’ll find it was worth the wait. On this episode, we interview Will Loomis, singer/songwriter with the band Loomis and The Lust from Santa Barbara, CA. We actually interviewed Will once before (during the GeminiDragon days) regarding his ongoing legal case against pop star Jessie J. The legal matter stems from the fact that Jessie J.’s hit song “Domino” sounds suspiciously similar to Will’s “Bright Red Chords.” It’s a pretty remarkable story, and Will goes thru all of the gory details he’s had to endure over the last few years in pushing forward with the case. Next week, Will submits the final brief in his case to a tribunal of judges that will decide on whether or not the case can get a proper trial.


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Panda Bowl Paradox

Hyper Nonsense Play Button ArtIt’s time for another exciting edition of Hyper Nonsense! On this episode, we told the story of how we replaced a rusty old medicine cabinet. I recalled how I’ve mastered the art of using Panda Express coupons (and how a defective Panda Express fork almost killed me). I’m still wondering about an odd experience I had that includes a van, a bus shelter and a (potentially?) homeless person. We talk about how an upstart organization flew a snarky banner over Comcast headquarters after the recent net neutrality ruling. And more!


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Becoming The Sun

Artwork for HN0015We’re back! And I do mean “we” as Jen is actually here this week. My trusty Yamaha headphones finally bit the dust, and my replacement headphones aren’t cutting it. This lead to much complaining. And we had the usual technical issues before the show which also made for more complaining. Jen gave an update on her medical situation. Turns out she doesn’t have arthritis, and that what’s been plaguing her ailing joints is something else altogether. I gave an update on my work situation. We spent a little time out on the desert island. Then, we finished off the show with a news item about an a candy shop owner and his sex toy of anger.

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Groundhog Bites

Hyper Nonsense Play Button ArtWelcome to the latest installment of Hyper Nonsense: The pod you trust ™. I’m sorry to say that this is a solo show. Jen was away in Nappy Boos Land and things have been really busy lately, so I decided to get a show out because quantity really does come before quality here at Hyper Nonsense. This show is mostly about first-world problems. I’m fat! I need to lose weight and none of the systems I’ve tried are helping. I’m wondering what type of app/service to try next, or if there’s even a point. Jen’s on state-sponsored health insurance right now and it’s been kinda surprising to see how good the coverage is. I also talked about how I’m considering getting back into the iPhone game but I’m not really sure about it. Then, I finished the show off with a news article about an ornery groundhog.

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hn0029 artworkWelcome to the new Hyper Nonsense! Well, it’s pretty much the old Hyper Nonsense. Well, not the OLD Hyper Nonsense. Anyway, this episode features our first guest of 2015, Nathan. During the show, we gave an update on our failed water heater, and the process we went thru to get it replaced. Then, we talked to Nathan about his own podcasting and musical endeavors. Because we’re a teach show (!), we also talked a lot about apps and software (mostly Apple stuff). And more!

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Blind and Broken

Artwork for HN0015Welcome to the latest Hyper Nonsense recording sesh! We have an update on my work situation. (Spoiler: I’m still pretty much unemployed.) Related to that, we also talk about why it’s hard to find a doctor in California. To keep the good times rolling, we talk about our dead water heater and what it’s like to live without hot water. We discussed our experience so far with our Apple TV. We went over listener feedback and we finished the show with a list of things that are 30 years old. And more!


  • 2015: The year of Hyper Nonsense.
  • HMO’s suck.
  • Screen readers: They don’t always work.
  • LLC’s pay a minimum of $800 tax in California. Awesome.
  • Apple hates AVI files.
  • Santa Barbara is full of tall women.
  • 30 Things Turning 30 In 2015.
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New Year

hn0027 artworkWe’re snuggin’ it on this, the latest episode of Hyper Nonsense! We recount what we did during Christmas and how we got an Apple TV and Jen got a “new” computer. We cover our trip to Santa Barbara for our bankruptcy hearing. We talk about what we did on New Year’s Eve and we finish up the show by responding to some listener feedback.

Not a courthouse:

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Peppermint Choo Choo

hn0026 artworkIt’s Christmastime! And we’re back in our recently cleaned studio for a new episode. It’s so nice to longer be podcasting in our own filth. Speaking of Christmas, we’ve climbed about the Peppermint Choo Choo (choo choo!). What is the Peppermint Choo Choo, you’re wondering? We actually have no idea. We talked about our experience with an online “debtor education course” we had to take as part of our bankruptcy. Then, because Hyper Nonsense is a tech show, we talked about how Apple’s Boot Camp and Time Capsule are horrible technologies that should be banned from the world. We read some listener feedback. And more!

Choo choo:

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Hyper Nonsense Play Button ArtWe’re back with an exciting new podcast! In this episode, we talk about the high-tech headphone cable clip Jen made with a pipe cleaner. Then, Jen tells the story of how she pitched an article to popular website xoJane (which was accepted). We’ve got a shiny new Internet connection but we aren’t entirely sure just how fast it is. But the big news in this episode is we finally talk about the legal matter we’ve been mentioning for months. Yes, we’re filing for bankruptcy and we give the long and sorted history of our financial woes since moving to California. In an attempt to finish things off with some humor, we talk about how Cards Against Humanity sold actual bullshit on Black Friday.


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