Secondhand Claims

Hyper Nonsense logo for iTunes.We’re back in the studio! And for some reason, I sound like I’ve been smoking Marlboro Reds all day. It’s not a super high-energy show. I relate the exciting story of my trip to a local┬áRV park by the ocean. We provided an update on the weird fraudulent activity on our bank account. 2014 continues to be an “interesting” year as I got some unexpected (and unwelcome) news about my claim for unemployment benefits. We got a nice shoutout from some fellow podcasters and we read a little bit of listener feedback. Jen gave an update on her disability claim and we finished the show with a scary news item about spiders.

Cough lollies:

  • I’ve been smited by The Pope with my strange smoky voice.
  • Thankfully 20 years ago, we didn’t rename our band Holy Roman Empire.
  • We have the ocean in California. If you don’t have the ocean where you live, it’s your own fault.
  • It doesn’t rain anymore in California.
  • Cough lollies. We call ‘em cough drops in America.
  • I don’t know where mentho-lyptus comes from.
  • Going to the bank gets thing done faster than calling them.
  • Did you hear Jen’s 1920’s keyboard while her microphone was muted?
  • EDD doesn’t like it if you’re working freelance.
  • Don’t go to our support page and send us money right now. Seriously.
  • We got a nice shoutout from the Nerd Out Loud podcast.
  • Spiders oozing from the walls.
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