Artwork for HN0015Jen’s not here this week. But don’t fret as we’ve got a special guest who was upgraded to guest cohost. It’s Colin from the Ourobouros Podcast! In this episode, we talked about Colin’s review and analysis of 50 Shades of Grey. Then, we put the video for Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” thru the Bechdel Test. We¬†also discussed the current Marvel movie franchise and we finished out the show with some relaxing vibes courtesy of the Daleks.


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Better Inputs

Hyper Nonsense episode 10 artworkOn a scale of Scott Weiland to Jim Morrison, how stoned is Jen during this podcast? Find out as we talk about Jen’s adventures in applying for Social Security disability benefits. She saw a doctor last Sunday for an evaluation. The doctor was German. And apparently, very nice! In related news: Jen is sick. All. The Time. (You probably already know that if you’ve listened to the show before.) Jen is now a contributor to Podcaster News. She made an intro video and together, we produced the first episode of the new Podcaster News Show. We read some listener feedback that confirms the existence of the book Pepe Goes North but the mystery of the book’s disappearance from history¬†continues. We’re stuck on a lonely desert island thanks to the lack of iTunes reviews and other listener interactions. Jen read a questionably-worded spam e-mail she received for a website she doesn’t run. And more!

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