Livin’ In A Pyramid

Art for Hyper Nonsense 0007Last week, we celebrated our 10-year wedding anniversary by visiting Las Vegas. We stayed at a hotel shaped like a pyramid! Jen had a piece of gluten-free carrot cake! Jen had lots of drinks! We hit it big at the blackjack table! (And by “blackjack table,” we really mean the $0.25 electronic blackjack machine.) Annoying salespeople! Lunch with Diablo! Big lights! Elvis Electric! Awkward selfies! More! And more!

Shiny, shiny details:

  • “Las Vegas” is technically unincorporated?
  • Jen’s cell phone does weird things to our recordings.
  • It’s really important to get to the airport two hours before a flight. Not really.
  • Santa Maria Airport = stuck in the 80′s.
  • The TSA took my face wash. Also, it was stupid of me to bring it.
  • Amtrak = no TSA.
  • Vending machine coffee. Always the best.
  • Boarding thru the aft hatch of a plane is sorta like climbing into a spaceship.
  • The Las Vegas airport is bigger than our local airports.
  • You have to go thru several buildings to catch a taxi at the Las Vegas airport.
  • Some Las Vegas cabs show weird “advertainment” videos on infinite loops.
  • Las Vegas. They just wanna get all your money before you leave.
  • Annoying salespeople inside casinos look like official security staff.
  • They’ll just put a piano guy there while you’re waiting in line because, Vegas.
  • Inclinators. They ain’t elevators.
  • We stayed at Motel 6 the first time we went to Vegas.
  • Las Vegas buffets = insane.
  • Jen always needs naps.
  • The Luxor has wifi but only on the first floor.
  • It’s not good to turn off air conditioners in Las Vegas.
  • Don’t walk across streets in Las Vegas unless you want to die.
  • Jen got her picture taken with Elvis Electric.
  • There are three Starbucks shops inside the Luxor.
  • Alcohol to go? No problem in Vegas!
  • Gluten-free pizza, french fries and wine. Happy Anniversary to us!
  • Slot machines aren’t fun.
  • Jen makes gamblers mad.
  • Walking around the Luxor is like running thru Ironforge.
  • We turned $5.00 into $7.00 by playing electronic Blackjack.
  • Boarding-pass apps for airports actually work.
  • Some people on airplanes are weird.
  • Our airplane broke as we were flying back to California but it wasn’t serious.
  • Jen is running a crowd funding experiment via Beacon. Please support the project if you’d like to learn more about Common Core.
  • Jen is also contributing to Bubblews.
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