Totally Totaled

Rowley DarkCompass AwardSqueaking in just barely by the end of the month, we’re back! It’s time for a new episode of Hyper Nonsense. With a special guest! All the way from London, England. It’s Rowley from the DarkCompass podcast! During the show, we reminisced about the ye olde days of podcasting yore. We learned how Rowley sources music for his heavy metal-focused podcast. We took the opportunity to ask our non-American guest what the people of the UK think of current events in America (Trump!). Rowley then gave us an education on the nature of Brexit in the UK, and what that may mean for the future. Finally, we wrapped up the show with news items about flamethrower weed abatement (spoiler: the house gets burned down) and the latest trend in fight clubs: Chuck E. Cheese’s.


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Dish cast

We recorded a podcast earlier but the audio was lost due to technical problems. In its place, we present Dish cast: a podcast I recorded (Madge Weinstein style) while I washed the dishes. (Also, despite what I said in the recording, this is our day 16 recording, not day 17.)

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